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/our mission


/our mission

Nieuw is the dutch/flemish word for "New". This word encompasses everything that our company strives for.

"Still Fresh" ; "Different from the former or the old"
Just some words to describe our ideas and product lines that we are exploring.


NIEUW offers a wide line of products from established to up and coming artists & designers. While focusing on simplicity, colour, craftsmanship and creativity NIEUW's selected product lines are most of all fun and innovative!

NIEUW mainly focuses on imported products from Belgium and The Netherlands as its design aesthetic is one of a kind.

/meet the team

NIEUW was founded in 2012 by Ine Palmaers, Toronto based Designer ( and Elke Palmaers, Milan based Marketing & Communication Expert. They have collected an interesting selection of Belgian & Dutch Furniture Lines that are available to the Canadian Market. Enjoy!

/our mission

​Ine Palmaers - Creative Director

​Elke Palmaers - Marketing Manager

©2012 Nieuw. All rights reserved.

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