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Thanks to its strict lines, colour design and hidden features, furniture by De Vorm is surprising, contemporary and timeless. The central aims of their design is comfort, quality and permanence.

The collection of De Vorm mainly consists of own designs to sustain and maintain the key values. However, for a few years now, De Vorm also attracts talented, young designers and is happy to increase the collection’s diversity.

The playful character, the dynamics and the naturalness of De Vorm is guaranteed by its young and talented designers. They have the spiritual freedom to create designs according to their own notion without being inhibited by too much experience and routine. As a result, their products are honest and unconventional and not based on older designs.​

The mission of De Vorm includes various fields in which the environment is an important factor. In the last years, the environment became a widely discussed topic. During the foundation of De Vorm in 2005, the nature hasn’t just been an immense inspiration but also the origin of the designs for our furniture.

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